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Network Security

Data network security is crucial for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of digital communications and information sharing, safeguarding against unauthorized access and potential breaches.

ECS can work with you to build a robust data network security framework, ensuring uninterrupted operations that shields your businesses from the escalating threats present in today’s interconnected world.

What Is Network Security?

Think of Network Security like this: it’s a wrap that covers everything on your wire, every technology, governing policies, intrusion detection and prevention systems, network access control services safe-guarding malicious and unauthorized access attempts, all in an effort to maintain your network’s integrity. 

Our suite of network security services and solutions is at the core of our assessment that starts by understanding how your business uses and depends on your network. We then align those requirements to a tailored network security strategy that fits your organization. ECS will ensure that the best choices are selected and implemented to maximize their use, helping you improve the effectiveness of your network security investments.

Securing IT Networks Is Always Priority One

Securing your IT Network can feel like a never ending task… Let’s see how ECS can help.

The complexity of your network is only going to increase, making it difficult to get control of.

New threats emerge daily, adding to the already complex nature of your network, as do regulatory compliance, a cloud presence and all the BYOD devices that come with your mobile workforce. With limited visibility into what is actually on your network, the reality of quickly addressing issues comes to a halt.


The Network Security Journey Never Ends

Your Network Security journey never ends as it becomes the foundation of your network, this approach spans from connected devices to applications and of course your users. ECS knows that there is a need to maintain this strategy so our solutions address the ever changing landscape that today’s networks all face.

At ECS, our assessment services cover the following areas that are crucial to proving your organization a complete network security strategy:

  • Firewalls

  • Network IDS/IPS

  • Network Malware Protection

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Database Protection

  • Database Encryption

  • PKI

  • Segmentation

  • Network Access Control

  • Secure Remote Access

  • Route, Switch, Wireless

  • Network Visibility

  • Load Balancing


  • Secure Access Service Edge

Do any of the areas below raise questions about your current Network Security? Then reach out to us and engage with the team of experts that ECS has ready to help you secure your organization’s digital assets.

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