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Flash forward to the future with the new NetApp ASA systems.


Flash forward to the future with the new NetApp ASA systems.


When it comes to deploying dedicated SAN solutions for your most important workloads, you need guaranteed availability that you can depend on and storage that’s easy to manage.

NetApp® ASA systems maintain high data availability and keep critical applications running with symmetric high-availability architecture—backed by NetApp’s Six Nines Availability Guarantee. Safeguard data with built-in, application-consistent data protection, and achieve business continuity with synchronous disaster recovery.

With ECS and NetApp, the future of flash is available today.

Flash forward to the future with the new NetApp ASA systems  

NetApp ASA systems are designed as simple, high-performance SAN storage for mission-critical applications, databases, and VMware infrastructure. They provide built-in, integrated data protection and unparalleled hybrid cloud connectivity.

Achieve blazing-fast response times across business-critical applications with ASA systems. As a leader in NVMe-oF technology, NetApp supports both NVMe/FC and NVMe/TCP in the ASA A-Series, providing consistent low latency and millions of IOPS in a cluster.

NetApp ASA is now a part of our portfolio based on NetApp ONTAP, so you can forget the complexity of bespoke infrastructure silos


NetApp ASA systems use the same API, CLI, and System Manager GUI that our NetApp AFF and FAS arrays use. That means your team only needs to learn one set of skills and write one set of scripts. Any automation that you build for your unstructured data environment can seamlessly apply to your block environment, too.

ASA systems help you invest with confidence for today and tomorrow by delivering:

  • Superior performance. Deliver exceptional performance to improve customer experience and reduce time to results.
  • Continuous availability. Achieve continuous access to business-critical data delivered by symmetric high-availability with fast failover—backed by our Six Nines Availability Guarantee.
  • Streamlined efficiency. Optimize your storage environment with industry-leading effective capacity that couples leading raw-to-usable conversion with the NetApp 4:1 Storage Efficiency Guarantee for SAN workloads.


Flash forward to the future today

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