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Managed Network 

From home to travel to work, ECS manages your network challenges.


Monetizing High-Speed Connectivity

Fast, affordable, and dependable Wi-Fi is essential for modern multifamily residential properties and is a top priority for any potential tenant. Migrating to a privately owned, revenue-generating network not only provides residents with turn-key, consistent, high-speed connectivity, but it also increases your retention, monthly income, and property value.

Security in a Shared Environment

Creating a safe environment is crucial in the hospitality industry. Guests and employees should feel secure in the physical and digital environment you provide for them. 

Implementing proactive protective measures like wireless panic buttons, E911 solutions, and data encryption software helps keep everyone safe and secure in a shared environment.


ECS Delivery Approach


From the start, you define your success. We assess your current situation, establish your business objectives, and gather all the requirements necessary with a comprehensive kickoff meeting.


We design a solution tailored to your technology challenges and coordinate consistent meetings and reports to keep your project on track and within budget.


Using the best products and vendors for your needs, our experts implement, test, and verify the solution with streamlined communication and project tracking.


Once the project is complete, we can continue to monitor and manage your IT processes and provide ongoing support through our managed edge and network services.

Our Services Go Beyond the Managed Network

Our Services Go Beyond the Managed Network


Our strategic solutions will solve your complex business challenges and allow your company to view IT as an asset for future innovation.



We want our companies to be successful from day one, which is why we partner with Enterprise Computing Solutions.

– Irvine Company

Sevenco has worked with ECS since our inception and relies on ECS as our infrastructure backbone. ECS allows us to provide our members with best in class IT services, such as fiber internet with a private VPN setup for each member and dynamic phone services.


We appreciate the referral to ECS; working with them was delightful. They are very responsive and continue to provide us with multiple options to meet our budget requirements.

– Sunon Furniture

Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here for you

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