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Cloud Security

Cloud security services are a top priority for every organization’s digital cloud landscape, as they provide a defense against vulnerabilities and data breaches in an ever growing cloud world. These cloud focused services ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical data and applications, ensuring organizations that their cloud infrastructure is secure.

ECS leverages industry leading solutions to build personalized cloud security services for our clients, so your organization can confidently harness the benefits of the cloud while mitigating all of the risks.

Cloud Security Is The Foundation

Effectively overseeing security across your enterprise’s traditional infrastructure already presents its own set of challenges, then factor in cloud technologies and services and the complexity grows, further increasing your organization’s risks. Often, we see a discount between the business, IT, and security teams when defining a comprehensive cloud strategy. Even though you have traditional security protocols and technologies they likely provide an inadequate defense for your cloud environments.

With ECS, we’ll design a cloud security solution that aligns to your business and forms a foundation for your cloud strategy. We’ll walk alongside you, as we define your technical requirements and assess the security tools you have today. By assessing the security tools that you have today and the role that they serve, gaps in your security defenses will surface. From there, we will assist with creating a comprehensive plan and solution set that will defend your entire cloud presence, spanning from on-premise to full or hybrid cloud.

Secured Cloud Foundation

Regardless of the state of your current cloud presence, ECS is here to help. Our assessments give you access to our experts with years of experience building security strategies for on-premise, full and hybrid cloud.

From strategy and assessment through gap analysis and design, your environments will be grounded in a secured foundation that will provide you with the tools and insights that you’re missing today and are built to protect your cloud investments into tomorrow.


Here’s what you get with ECS:


Team alignment across IT, information security and development teams.


A secure cloud framework for on-boarding new tools, projects across for all cloud efforts.


The ability to assess cloud initiatives with strategic business goals, ensuring alignment with your organization’s compliance requirements.


Time to deploy efficiencies with pre-defined workloads, policies and builds that follow and align to your security framework.

Security is the foundation and once established your digital transformation strategy will be encompassed by your cloud security framework. With ECS, you’ll have a complete approach that protects all of your cloud assets. Our approach means that ECS will work alongside your team in the way that fits your goals. Transition seamlessly as we advise, design, and build a cloud model that meets your requirements and goals on your journey to a secure cloud foundation.

Do any of the areas below raise questions about your current Cloud Security? Then reach out to us and engage with the team of experts that ECS has ready to help you secure your organization’s digital assets.

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